How to prevent shilajit from going bad

How to prevent shilajit from going bad?

All you need to do is Google “shilajit,” and you’ll find the nearest store that you can visit and buy Himalayan Shilajit. Numerous websites are also available on the internet that will deliver it right to your doorstep. It’s not a recent development in the nutrition industry. It has been there for ages and is used in medicines to treat headaches and diseases.

Even today, it continues to impact people’s lives in numerous ways positively. Its rejuvenating properties are being celebrated worldwide. India remains the major source of extraction, hence justifying the Himalayan Shilajit. But, how do you keep the original condition intact for a longer period? Read on to find out the appropriate steps that should be taken.

Defining Shilajit

Found in the Himalayan region, Shilajit is a blackish-brown, unique resin that is known to formulate slowly over the centuries. It develops under intense pressure that comes from the mountain rocks thriving on decomposed plants.

Fulvic acid is a major component of the Shilajit known to deliver various medicinal benefits. It does everything from boosting immunity to treating dementia to strengthening your bone. Vedic sage has it that scriptures reveal that Shilajit dates back to more than 3000 years. Recently, it has earned a reputation for its exotic attributes and powerful characteristics in the health industry.

Raw Himalayan Shilajit is also widely known in different names such as Moomiya, Mummiyo, and Mumie. Now that we have covered the basics, let’s move on to the point of discussion.

How to preserve it?

When you’re investing money into it, you’d surely want it to last for a prolonged period. Remember that it might go bad if you do not store it properly. Read on to take certain things into consideration while storing it.

  • Expiration Scenario

Shilajit is a mineral food supplement that comes with three years of the expiration date from the manufacturing date. But in reality, it is not going to expire so soon. Let’s not forget the fact that it has been for a century in the mountains.

After being processed to put on the market, the shelf life depends upon the packaging done by the manufacturer. It can last for several years if it comes inside a glass container.

  • Ideal Temperature

Room temperature is the ideal temperature to store the Shilajit. However, during the hot summer months, it will start to melt. So, make sure you keep it inside the refrigerator during that time. Point to be noted: the refrigerated shilajit will become hard when it’s cold and will remain soft in a warm environment.

  • Mixtures

The mixtures of Himalayan Shilajit might stay as it is for several days or even a couple of months. Everything comes down to the source from where it has been extracted and its quality. On the other hand, the mixture of Siberia Shilajit will last for a maximum of 24 hours. Therefore, storing the shilajit mixtures inside the refrigerator is strongly recommended.

  • Form Retention

Shilajit is an adequately extracted natural product, which is sensitive to nature even post-extraction. Solid remains the best and most stable form of Shilajit. When it comes in contact with moisture due to humidity, it will turn denser or harder. Over time, the resin or liquid shilajit will dry. Pay attention to this phenomenon and add some drops of water every now and then to tackle evaporation and ensure moisture retention.

If you’ve got the powdered form of shilajit, remember that it will melt back to solid. For form retention, make sure to keep the lid of the container tightly closed. And avoid the penetration of heat at any cost. 

  • Other precautions

Soft Resin or Liquid Shilajit is heavier and denser than water. You need to store it in n upright position inside a container. Be careful with the jar, and don’t overturn it. It might start leaking. If you buy Himalayan shilajit and find the cap stuck to the container, run it under hot water and then give it another try. Most probably, it will open up. And as mentioned earlier, protect it from heat and direct sunlight at all costs.

 Precautionary Steps to be Taken

  • Shilajit consumption is restricted for pregnant women. It adversely impacts breastfeeding. So, don’t consume it during your pregnancy. Avoid all forms of consumption.
  • Diabetics are recommended to consume Shilajit under professional guidance. This is because when anti-diabetic medicines combine with Shilajit, it might affect the diabetic’s health adversely.
  • Patients dealing with sickle cell anemia should avoid all forms of Shilajit.
  • During the consumption of Shilajit supplements, regulate the level of uric acid as it affects your body.


From the current medical practices to Ayurveda, every aspect of the healthcare industry has accepted its beneficial properties. It’s available in different forms for consumption: powder, capsules, syrup, tablets, resins, etc. Before you make a purchase, make sure it’s clinically certified and has undergone stringent quality tests by research laboratories. As mentioned above, just Google the name, and you will land 100% raw Himalayan shilajit right away!

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