Himalayan Shilajit

Since time immemorial, pure Shilajit, an organic and ayurvedic product, has been serving mankind in innumerable ways. In traditional medicine, shilajit has been used to boost vitality and energy by stimulating the mitochondria. Like ashwagandha, raw Himalayan Shilajit is also known to boost sexual stamina. The excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it an ideal choice for ages.

Flaunting as high as 80+ trace minerals will keep you energised to face the day head-on. Legend has it that the major reason for consumption was that it helped maintain a healthy lifestyle, where you could tap into the energy reserves if needed. The pure Himalayan shilajit, naturally sourced from Baltistan contains unique Phyto-complex and fulvic acid.

Key features:
  • 1. Shilajeet capsule is ideal for daily consumption, with the ideal dosage being 200 mg.
  • 2. Improve haemoglobin content in your body and deliver key components such as zinc, oxygen, and magnesium.
  • 3. It’s mainly composed of humic substances such as fulvic acid, which roughly accounts for 60 to 80 percent of the entire nutraceutical compound.
  • 4. When you buy Himalayan shilajit, remember that it goes by the name shilajatu, mummiyo, mimie, or salajit.