U Food – Unified Food – 1 Pack (1.06 lb) Nutritionally Complete Food

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U Food – Unified Food – 1 Pack (1.06 lb) Nutritionally Complete Food



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Unified Food – Nutritionally Complete Food

Unified food

How it works: Just add 13 oz of cold or hot water to 1 pouch of Unified Food and you’re all set! This meal is exactly 250 Calories and full of all the essential nutrients our bodies need. Repeat 8 times a day to achieve the recommended 2000 Calories. No other meals required. Easy!

What is it made of? Is it a real food? Only natural, gluten free and Non-GMO ingredients. * Oat Flour. Montana Grown & Milled. * Flaxseed from Oregon. * Pea & Brown Rice Protein from California. * Organic Coconut Flour from California. * Sunflower Seeds from Rhode Island. * Vitamins & Minerals Base Powder from “Metabolic Maintenance”, Oregon. * Mixed & Packed in Miami, Florida. U-Food is the whole real food, rich in nutrients.

Wait, what about taste? Don’t panic! We provide the base meal, you choose the topping (optional)! But we do recommend staying in the 25 Calories range when choosing toppings. Unleash your creativity! We have provided some recipes below for your inspiration.

Is U-Food nutritionally complete? Yes ! We analyzed tons of scientific papers and dietary guidelines before we developed U-Food’s components and proportions. Here is the short list of nutrients U-Food provides in required amounts: * Carbohydrates * Proteins * Fat * Essential amino acids * Fiber * Omega-3 and Omega-6 * Vitamins and minerals

Is U-Food vegetarian? Yes, it’s vegetarian, lactose-free, soy-free, GMO-free. We have added Vitamin B12 to U-Food. Very low B12 intakes can cause anemia and nervous system damage. The only reliable vegetarian sources of B12 are foods fortified with B12. Every pouch of U-Food provides 4.2mcg of Vitamin B12. No additional supplements required. 100% compostable packaging.



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