Puzzles To Boost Your Brain Health: How Do They Help?

Puzzles To Boost Your Brain Health: How Do They Help?

Take a look at a machine that has been lying around in your house for quite some time. Try to operate it. Does it work just as well as it did when it arrived fresh? You would observe that the machine won’t be as glitch-free. Chances are, it might not start up on the very first go. Running your machines regularly with proper maintenance ensures that they operate at an optimum condition. The very same concept is applicable to our brains as well. Unless you work your brain, it might not function to its full potential.

So, how can you do that? How can you keep your brain at its optimum health and potential? Researchers recommend the use of IQ puzzles for adults and kids to help with a synonymous brain health and power boost.

But how does this work? How does IQ puzzle for brain help?

Let us check out the benefits of using IQ puzzles for both kids and adults.

Varied and regular exercising routines help you stay in top-notch physical health. This same approach is applicable to our brains as well. IQ puzzles for kids, such as crossword puzzles or Sudoku, can help protect your brain from any potential decline as the age. Studies show that IQ puzzles for adults can help reduce the chances of the onset of brain diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. So, it is important that you set aside some time to ensure that you can indulge your brain in some puzzle time.

Here are some quick benefits that come with indulging in puzzles.

  • Fosters a sense of familiarity & fluency in concepts and terminologies
  • Makes educational subjects highly enjoyable
  • Helps develop several transferable skills like initiative, problem-solving, logical thinking, & failure-coping abilities
  • Helps improve awareness and spatial skills

Strictly speaking, there are several puzzles that can aid and exercise your brain while helping you develop certain skills like sorting, grouping, ordering numbers, & visuospatial abilities like coordinating/matching shapes.

Improving Numerical Abilities With Puzzles

IQ puzzles for adults and kids can help boost numerical or analytical abilities as well. So, if you are wondering which puzzle can help exercise the brain extensively, Sudoku is something you can give a thought to.

Here are some ways indulging in IQ puzzles for adults helps with cognitive and numerical abilities:

  • Improved logic and memory:

Humans use memory to aid the memorization of numbers, while logic is used to decode the numerals that come in the blank space. This helps improve memory and logic. So, Sudoku is a great choice for the same.

  • Enhanced concentration power:

IQ puzzles such as Sudoku require the players to opt for strategic thinking & creative problem-solving. With regular practice of the game, you can experience an increase in concentration power & focusing skills.

  • Efficiency:

Games such as Sudoku increase one’s sense and perception of time. With this IQ puzzle for kids, one gets to think in a strategic manner while taking quicker actions and decisions minus the hesitation.

  • Mind stimulation:

When you keep practicing games such as Sudoku, brain processes such as logical thinking improves, and so do our numerical abilities.

  • Makes learning enjoyable with positive reinforcement:

Solving puzzles such as Sudoku tends to produce hormones such as dopamine which is important for the learning process.

  • Reduces any chance of having Alzheimer’s in the future:

When we keep our brains active on a regular basis, it becomes more adaptable and elastic. So, you will experience a reduced chance of developing brain deteriorating diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Enhance Your Word Game With Crosswords

Several schools and institutes practice testing out their student’s intellect by opting for IQ puzzles for brain. But are crosswords accurate? Do they aid with your brain’s intelligence quotient?

There is enough evidence that suggests that crosswords help improve your brain’s memory and overall cognition. However, they can also enhance our brain’s ability to learn about and find words with enhanced fluency. These processes occur in our brain’s language and speech centers. So, crosswords can be a great way to test out someone’s fluency, but they might not be as great when it comes to testing overall intelligence.

Crosswords, when practiced on a regular basis, can increase the brain’s potential to learn vocabulary, focus the mind, and enhance memory. You can also challenge yourself by setting up time limits for these puzzles to check if you can do them within the stipulated time frame.

Further, indulging in these puzzles in groups can benefit your brain immensely. Working with groups helps improve your thinking speed while strengthening social bonds. When practiced as group exercises, crosswords help encourage a collaborative cruciverbalism that triggers a sense of bonding as you go on solving puzzles.

Solving Riddles For Imaginative Strength

When interpreting or creating riddles, human brains tend to exercise more abstract processes as compared to recall or memory. Solving riddles would require you to think ahead of your normal paradigm. Essentially, you apply a sense of meaning to the information acquired in a manner that is non-conventional.

When you try to crack an IQ puzzle for adults, you would have to imagine, think, recite, & match up the information pieces which normally don’t match. Moreover, riddles help develop long-lasting interpersonal skills. So, it is a win-win situation for your brain health.


Exercising your body might not be enough. You need to work on your brain health as well. So, make sure you invest in some IQ puzzles for adults and do the same for your children as well. You can encourage your kids to practice brain games & riddles by being a part of the games as well. Make sure you invest a minimum of one hour daily for these brain exercises.

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