Syrup Topinambur 101 fl oz

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Syrup Topinambur 101 fl oz / 4kg – All Natural Sweetener no Sugar Added- Jerusalem Artichoke Root Sugar Substitute – Inulin Supply



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Out of stock


Syrup Topinambur 101 fl oz / 4kg – All Natural Sweetener no Sugar Added- Jerusalem Artichoke Root Sugar Substitute – Inulin Supply

Ingredients: Topinambur roots.

  • Made of 100% Pure Topinambur roots. Biologically Active Sweetener BETTER THAN HONEY – Due to the high content of inulin, the syrup from the earth pear is extremely valuable for people.
  • Restorative Remedy – the syrup is recommended as a means that strengthens the entire body and significantly increases the ability to work with significant physical and intellectual stress.
  • The sunchoke syrup contains prebiotics. These substances are necessary for the normal functioning of beneficial intestinal bacteria – probiotics. Such properties make it possible to apply syrup to normalize intestinal microflora.
  • Use as a Natural Sweetener in Foods You Eat Every Day Without the Extra Calories!
  • High in Prebiotics and Probiotics.
  • Aids in Weight Loss by Suppressing Your Appetite and Boosting Metabolism.

All Natural Sweetener

Topinambur syrup is pressed from the tubers of the Helianthus Tuberosus. The syrup (concentrated vegetable juice) is obtained through concentration and filtration. The juice squeezed from Topinambur contains mainly long-chained inulin and only a slight amount of fructose. The formation of glucose is mostly inhibited.

Topinambur Syrup Sweetener

Topinambur Syrup Sweetener is a healthier alternative to other liquid sweeteners. It is low in glycemic, zero cholesterol, and low calorie with a naturally sweet flavor. It is a sweetener for your favorite beverage, but equally delicious in cooked and baked goods.

Jerusalem artichoke syrup

Jerusalem artichoke syrup – inulin – is suitable for the supply of inulin. You can mix the syrup containing inulin with the normal fructose syrup to your liking and thus an individual, optimal balance between sweetness and old reach inulin supply. When taking inulin-containing products, no insulin is needed for metabolism.



Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing plant on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit contains seed. They will be yours for food.”


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