Keto diet – The vegan way

Keto Obsession

With celebs like the Kardashians and Lebron James endorsing the keto diet; it has skyrocketed to be one of the most popular diet plans that exists today sidelining other diets. 

Keto diet is usually associated with consumption of a large amount of animal based products, making it less popular in the vegan community. Through this article, we aim to bring the fruits of this amazing diet to fellow vegans.

What is a keto diet?

A ketogenic diet or keto diet is a low carb diet that relies on fat for energy and entails a moderate amount of protein.The diet strictly requires one to consume less than 50gms of carb a day. It replaces the carbohydrates normally consumed with fat, this reduction of carbs causes ketosis in your body. 

Ketosis makes your body incredibly efficient at burning fat and turns fat into ketones which feeds the brain better. Ketosis can be achieved within a few days of assuming the diet and hence burns excess fat in a jiffy.

Benefits of Keto Diet

Keto diet was developed in the early 1920s as a way of treating epilepsy in children. The benefits that were uncovered in the later years led to its increase in popularity. 

Weight loss

Well, all of that fat burning your body does under a keto diet will ultimately aid weight loss and shed excess fat that you may have. Additionally insulin levels drop when keto diet is followed and this helps with the body fat loss without producing hunger.

Appetite Control

By simple logic, if you eat less chances that you lose weight is more; keto diet does exactly that. People taking up keto diets usually only eat 2 meals a day without feeling hungry. 

Keeps Blood sugar level under check

A keto diet is accompanied by reduced blood sugar levels and hence reduces the dependency on medications; making it the best diet for people suffering from diabetes. 

Apart from these benefits, keto diet has also been found to reduce risks of heart problems, and even improve mental performance. Followers of keto diet also tout increased physical endurance and reduced blood pressure.

Keto diet – The vegan way

So now that we’ve understood what keto diet offers, let us take a look at how a vegan can follow a proper keto diet.

Adopting a keto diet as a vegan might be a gruelling endeavour, but the perks are also higher. Since people following vegan diets tend to weigh less generally, going for a vegan keto diet will be like a weight loss plan on steroids!

Foods to eat

A keto diet usually has the following ratio of macronutrients:

  • Fat : 55 – 60%
  • Protein : 30 – 35%
  • Carbs : 5%

The vegan keto diet, restricts carbs to 20 – 50 g per day and only allows for plant based foods. So you’ll have to focus on high fat low carb foods. Here are some amazing tasty foods that you can take while maintaining a vegan keto diet.

Flax seed butter

Flax Seed Butter 230g (8oz) Urbech

Who said you need to eat seafood to get Omega 3 fatty acid? Flax seed butter has been found to have 3 times more Omega-3 than fish oil. Apart from getting rid of the repulsive taste often associated with fish oil, flax seed butter is high in dietary fibre and low in carbs making it a great option for you to add to your vegan keto diet.

Flax seed urbech boosts your energy and thus ensures that you keep grinding through the day. To add this immunity booster to your kitchen cabinet click here.

Coconut spread

Organic RAW Coconut Butter 230g (8oz)

A great source of healthy fats keeps you fuller for a longer while. Coconut butter is a creamy decadent food that tastes so good it feels wrong. It is packed with a ton of essential amino acids and other nutrients.

Use it as a spread on your toasts or add it as a condiment into your recipes. Coconut butter is a versatile food and can be used in savory and sweets alike. Click here to buy unadulterated Coconut butter.

Pine Nut Butter

Pine Nut Butter 230g (8 Ounce) RAW

Healthier younger looking skin, reduced hunger, fount of proteins and tons of essential nutrients, and more while being keto friendly; sounds like the complete package. 

Pine nut has an earthy flavor that can be used in a wide range of dishes. Combine with basil, garlic, and olive oil to get a tasty pesto sauce! Or use it to make scrumptious mouth watering parfaits.

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