Healthy Sugar Alternatives

Healthy Sugar Alternatives

From increasing the risks of cardiac problems to unhealthy weight gain, the downsides of sugar consumption are very well known. But despite our efforts to cut sugar out, it still manages to sneak into our diet one way or the other.

Ketchups, pasta sauces, breakfast cereals are just some of the unexpected sources from which sugar finds its way into our body. The more we try to cut, the more we realize sugar has invaded and occupied almost every other food around us.

It is time to fight back! But how do you replace sugar? After all, who doesn’t love sugar? At the end of the day we all need sweet foods to satiate our cravings. In the rest of this article we will be looking at some healthy sugar alternatives and a delicious healthy candy to satisfy our sweet teeth. 


Ever heard Sweet dreams are made of these and wondered what exactly are ‘these’? Well we aren’t quite sure what the Eurythmics were talking about either; but Topinambur is definitely something that every sweet lover’s dream is made of! Why?

Jerusalem artichoke or topinambur is a tuber found in North America. Dubbed the best alternative to table sugar, Topinambur has been found to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, lower bad cholesterol, and to aid weight loss. Stunned? Well, there’s more coming your way. 

Topinambur contains long chained inulin which is a natural prebiotic and thus helps with indigestion, furthermore it also reduces the risks of contracting certain types of cancers. 

Now, perhaps the most important point, topinambur contains about 26 times less sugar than honey but is in fact sweeter than honey. Topinambur contains mostly inulin and very little fructose when compared to other sweeteners like cane sugar.

Furthermore, topinambur improves immunity, potency in men, functioning of the pancreas, and prevents deposition of harmful salts. These health benefits make Topinambur the best sugar substitute for diabetes patients.

Topinambur syrup

Topinambur Syrup | Sugar Free

Our topinambur syrup is obtained by cold pressing freshly procured topinambur roots and then filtering the juices, without any additional ingredients or chemical treatment. What are you waiting for? Grab your Topinambur syrup bottles right away at our online store here.

Topinambur Powder

Topinambur Powder 12oz

Topinambur powder is made by powdering dried Jerusalem Artichoke roots, without any additives or chemical treatment. Topinambur powder is enriched with dietary fibre making it excellent to treat indigestion or any gastrointestinal problems.

Our Topinambur powder comes in a convenient and practical packaging that protects it from all environmental factors. 

Topinambur powder can be used to sweeten up your favourite beverages or to add a healthy twist to that irresistible apple cinnamon pie. To purchase Topinambur Powder click here.

Both topinambur powder and topinambur syrup are strictly plant based and are perfect for vegans as well. The best sugar alternative for a reason folks!

Honey hard candy

Healthy Sugar Alternatives 1

Now here’s something for you all out there with sweet tooths, honey hard candies. We make our candies by solidifying pure Altai honey without any thermal treatment, locking in all the healing properties. Our candies are fortified with the goodness of Lemon and ginger.

Altai honey is known for boosting immunity, its antimicrobial properties, and its ability to relieve pain. Apart from these it also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and relieves cough. In essence our candies are ideal for people struggling with flu or fever.

Furthermore, it is rich in Vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant that boosts metabolism and aids in the removal of toxins from the system. Ginger imparts the candy its anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting effects. Buy our Honey Hard Candy here.

Date Syrup

Healthy Sugar Alternatives 2

Date Syrup has been used by people of the Middle East for centuries. Date syrup, apart from being simply delicious and sweet has a plethora of benefits that are not so well known.

Did you know that Date Syrup is antibacterial? Studies have shown that date syrup inhibits the growth of a number of bacteria. The high fiber content in date syrup aids in digestion, and promotes healthy bowel movement. 

Date syrup is an excellent source of a lot of nutrients like Magnesium, Calcium, and also Vitamin B, A and K. This means that date syrup helps in healthy bone development, reduces the risk of heart diseases and relieves bone or joint pains.
Date syrup is filled with antioxidants and thus reduces bad cholesterol levels and fights oxidative stress. These benefits put our date syrup a cut above other sweeteners such as cane sugar or table sugar. Buy our totally healthy and natural date syrup without any additives here.

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