Topinambur syrup is a natural substitute for sugar which is made from Jerusalem artichoke or sunroot


Health is an important component of our life. We must keep our health in great condition in order to be free from diseases. Excellent health could possibly lead you to long life and good wealth. However, there are foods that could harm your health even though they are normally consumed. One of the most common examples is sugar.  Sugar has been part of our lives ever since the 11th century. We use sugar to bring out the good flavor in our foods and beverages. However, sugar has been found to create many devastating health effects. There is, on the other

A Complete Guide on Different Forms of Shilajit

form Pure Himalayan Shilajit If you are wondering which form of Shilajit is the best to take then you are not alone. Depending on who you ask, the answer is always going to be different, which is why we have created this complete guide on all forms of Shilajit. Educate yourself now on different forms of Shilajit, how they were influenced culturally and geographically, as well as the types you really want to avoid! Shilajit can be an incredibly confusing subject, especially when it comes down to understanding which form of Shilajit is best. In actuality, there are multiple answers