Why is Topinambur syrup better than other vegan sweetening alternatives

Topinambur syrup

Did you say no to that slice of irresistible chocolate brownie, only to find yourself eating through a bowl of ice cream later? If you’re like most people, cutting sugar from your diet can turn out to be an arduous task. 

Are you trying to find a healthy natural sugar alternative? Well, we have the perfect solution for you, Topinambur Syrup.

You may want to cut sugar from your diet because you are affected by diabetes or maybe you recently turned vegan or simply because you understand the health risks added sugar poses. 

Whatever the reason, our Topinambur syrup is an excellent substitute for refined sugar.

What is Topinambur syrup?

Topinambur or Jerusalem Artichoke root is a tuber found in North America. The tuber looks like ginger and it tastes like a sweetened version of a regular potato.

The syrup is produced by cold pressing the Topinambur root and then subsequently concentrating and filtering it. It contains no added sugar, preservatives, flavoring or color. 

Topinambur syrup contains 26 times less natural sugars than honey, yet is sweeter than honey. The syrup contains mainly long chained inulin and very little quantities of fructose. It also contains a number of vitamins, minerals and a good amount of dietary fiber. 

The syrup can be used for a wide range of purposes in the kitchen. You can use it to sweeten your next cup of lemon tea or to bake your next spice cake, brownie or chocolate muffins…. yummm!!

Benefits of Topinambur Syrup

The Jerusalem artichoke is a very underrated vegetable. It comes with a wide host of benefits, all of which our topinambur syrup preserves. 

Has indigestion and acidity been bothering you? Topinambur syrup is a prebiotic, meaning it is good for those good bacteria in your gut, thus improving digestion and reducing acidity. What are you waiting for? Go get our Topinambur syrup now!

Struggling with weight loss? Topinambur syrup suppresses appetite and boosts your metabolism thus aiding weight loss. Additionally, its low glycemic index makes it ideal for people affected by diabetes. Topinambur syrup also contains lesser calories than other available natural vegan sweeteners.

High Blood pressure? Worry not, the syrup aids in stabilizing blood pressure apart from improving the cardiovascular system. The syrup does not contain any cholesterol.

Apart from these benefits, Topinambur syrup has also been found to increase intellectual working capacity, meaning more resilience to work stress.

Topinambur syrup improves immunity and is recommended for people with obesity or metabolic disorders. It also helps in preserving healthy potency in men.

Besides, topinambur syrup increases haemoglobin, improves functioning of the pancreas and prevents deposition of harmful salts in the body.

Why is Topinambur syrup better than other vegan sweetening alternatives?

Topinambur syrup 2

Apart from Topinambur syrup a few natural sweeteners such as Coconut sugar, Date syrup, Maple syrup, Agave syrup are all available in the market. So why should you choose Topinambur syrup?

Did you know that most of these natural sugar substitutes are high in fructose, which basically defeats the purpose of a sugar substitute? Topinambur syrup on the other hand consists mainly of a fructan called inulin. Inulin is a prebiotic and hence promotes your digestive health.

Topinambur syrup contains among the lowest glycemic and low calories.With the plethora of benefits Topinambur syrup offers, it can be considered as the epitome of alternative sweeteners. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head to our online store right away to get your hands on one of the best sugar substitutes in the vegan market!

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