Can you Use Peanut Butter as Sugar Alternative

Can you Use Peanut Butter as Sugar Alternative?

If you are looking for a healthy sugar substitute, peanut butter is one of the best options. It is delicious and can be used with various other food items. And, it is one thing that can be used by everyone – from kids to elderly. Sugar has been termed as a dangerous ingredient. All the junk foods have excess amount of sugar in it. And, excess of anything can be harmful. It is important to watch out what you are eating and how much sugar it has. The other option is to use a healthy sugar substitute like a peanut

Why Are Sugar Free Sweeteners So Popular?

Why Are Sugar-Free Sweeteners So Popular?

Sugar free sweetener is a boon for health-conscious people and diabetics. You can also incorporate it into your diet if you want to shed some fats. Although the adverse health effect of refined sugar is not hidden from mankind, it’s not always possible to completely avoid sugar. We understand that eliminating your daily dose of sweetness from the diet is very difficult. So, sugar sweeteners come to your aid when you get an instant urge for sweet cravings. You do not have to refuse the favorite sweet dish that your mom makes at home. Studies conducted recently revealed that natural